Joelyn C

“Gina has many qualities that make her perfect to work with demanding, successful clients that expect high end treatment and results; 1. She is always organized, on time , ready to go and professional 2. She is energetic, smart and appropriate 3. She is focused on the client at all times 4. She is motivating and encouraging 5. She is competent and gets results 6. She keeps you on track…and yet recognizes how difficult fitness can be 7. She deals with high end clients every day and is well liked and respected by all I am a 55 year Executive, now looking more like 35 thanks to Gina.”

Dr. Sara M. Bradley (MD)

"As a practicing physician in internal medicine and geriatrics, I would recommend Gina to any of my patients. Although there are many trainers available, I truly feel her background education, experience, and dedication put Gina well ahead of all others."

Nancy P.

"We decided that we would make a financial decision a few months ago and committed to signing up Gina as a personal trainer. Again, something I never thought I would do. Since then I have seen great improvements in my physical transformation and I feel stronger, something I never felt before. I feel more confident, decisive and yes Sexy! just ask my husband.”

Sara O.

Gina is a highly skilled and educated trainer. However, her talent goes much farther than her list of credentials - she is a committed partner that is personally invested in her clients' lives and overall wellness. She works one on one with her clients to establish goals and set them up for success. I worked with Gina for about one year, during most of which I was pregnant. I received countless comments from friends and relatives about how great I looked during my pregnancy. Not only that, I felt much better than I ever imagined I could. Gina kept me motivated during the difficult parts of my pregnancy and tailored the program, sometimes in a moment's notice, when I wasn't feeling up to the regular routine. I can't express enough of what a pleasure it was to work with her; I not only accomplished my goals during our time together, but she helped me establish healthy exercise habits that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

Karen R. and Jesse J

"Gina Fata is an ideal trainer,well trained with an understanding of how to build a personal program geared to the specific needs of each client. Her routines develop stamina and strength. She is working with us as a couple and both of us have been very pleased."

Sexy Beast aka Michael

“My visits to the gym used to be 30 minutes on a machine, daydreaming about my day ahead, and checking the box that I exercised. Gina proved to me that everyone needs a coach/trainer. I now focus on my workouts, am constantly working new parts of the body and am more aware of my diet and the choices I make. Gina is the reason for success…she really knows her craft and works very hard to keep my programs fresh, safe and focused on areas that need improvement!”

Todd and Kirsten

"My husband and I have been training with Gina for the past two years. Her positive attitude, friendly personality, and rock star spunk make it a true pleasure to work out with her. She keeps every session upbeat and lively, challenging us to work beyond our potential and push us to the max. She is firm when we need to stay true to our exercise and injects humor when it motivates us -- yet is aware of our individual fitness levels. In addition, Gina has great taste in music, which is always a welcoming factor when getting our butts kicked. (My husband is in the music business, and he appreciates her good taste when we're exercising to her custom playlists.) Above all, we appreciate her motivational spirit, which pushes us through every session and keeps us coming back for more. It's rare to find an trainer with all of these attributes -- but Gina is real."