I’m here to get you to value yourself.

You can choose to value your health, or you can choose to destroy it.

Valuing yourself is about living a life without self-destructive behaviors, or depriving yourself of what your truly want. Valuing yourself is simply knowing who you are, and taking impeccable care of your mind and body in every moment of your life.

I coach people to understand that life is about making choices.

Every moment of your life is a choice.

I understand that making a good choice for your mind and body is not always easy. Sometimes it’s easier to “stuff” your feelings down with a bag of cookies than to actually feel what’s going on inside of us. Sometimes it’s easier to sleep in than to workout for 30 minutes. However, I like to keep it real with you, and give you no nonsense. The bottom line about being fit is this: The difference between someone who is in shape and someone who isn’t, is that the individual who is in shape works out even when they don’t want to. As a fitness and health strategist, I have designed strategic programs to get you to be YOUR MOST FIT SELF!


While setting a goal is important, and believing in it being even more important, you must commit to a goal to make it a reality. As a client of Gina Fata Coaching, you will embark on a journey that   will allow you to finally like the body of who you see in the mirror everyday. One day at a time, with consistency, WE will make YOUR GOALS a REALITY!


You will soon connect with who you are, deep down inside. You will laugh, cry and discover things from within. You will connect your mental strength to your physical strength, and feel confident to take on obstacles in every aspect of your life. EXERCISING WILL BECOME YOUR CATALYST FOR CHANGE.


Every day, you will look at the world with fresh eyes. You will begin to take care of yourself in a new way. You will learn that valuing yourself becomes a habit, and a way of life. With patience, PERSISTENCE, and PERSPIRATION, you will FINALLY DISCOVER and  the MOST FIT and CONFIDENT version of yourself!

I’m known to keep it real!

That’s because I care deeply about you, and am COMMITTED to getting you RESULTS! Are you READY to GET FIT?


Gina Fata has been coaching people all over the world to truly VALUE themselves since 2003. She has earned her MA in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University. Training and Certifications include: USA Weightlifting (Club Coach), ISSA (CFT), American Red Cross (CPR, AED, Child & Adult), Annette Lang Education Systems (Pre/Post Natal), Schwinn (Indoor Cycling Instructor), Boxing, Yoga, Anthony Robbins Seminars, and Equinox Fitness (Top Tier Trainer). Previous and current clientele include women and men of ALL fitness levels, as well as: Division 1 college level athletes, high school athletes, corporate executive men & women, stay at home moms, teens, and special populations (diabetics, senior citizens, obese men & women, special needs children, etc.).Her approach to coaching is to create mental and physical changes that become an ingredient in your life.